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The Legendary and Apple TV+ will produce a series about Godzilla and the Titans

22.01.2022   author: Mariko

Legendary and Apple TV+ will produce a series about Godzilla and the Titans As part of a massive deal that expands the MonsterVerse cinematic universe of Legendary's giant monsters, Apple TV+ has ordered a new series featuring Godzilla and the Titans.

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After a devastating battle between Godzilla and the Titans that razed San Francisco to the ground, and a shocking new reality that monsters do exist, the as-yet-untitled series follows a story of a family's journey. The family has well-kept secrets, like its legacy, connecting to a covert organization known as The Monarch.

The series will be produced by Legendary Television. Series creators Chris Black and Matt Fraction, along with Joby Harold and Tori Tunnell, will share the duties of executive production. Black is also the showrunner for the upcoming TV project. Godzilla owner Toho Co. Ltd. licensed the Legendary character as part of their long-term contract and is also involved as a producer.

The rumor that the universe with a series was going to be expanded began after Godzilla vs. Kong became one of the first major hits in the pandemic era. Legendary is already developing the next as-yet-untitled film set in the MonsterVerse. Recognizing the potential of television content, the studio began discussing the development of the series with buyers. Apple showed interest and a deal was soon struck.

Andrey Vorontsov
Source: Deadline

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