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Self-destructing Messages on WhatsApp

22.01.2022   author: Mariko

WhatsApp will have "one-time" messages, like Instagram and Snapchat.

The beta version of WhatsApp for iOS users will make it possible to send media content and messages that automatically disappear from the list after viewing: this function is already present in a number of online services and social media.

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In the near future, iPhone owners will be able to send self-deleting messages to WhatsApp, according to the Engadget portal. This function is already available in the beta version of the messenger No. Previously, similar capabilities have been seen on a number of Android smartphones using the beta version.

The function was named "View Once". It has already been implemented, for example, on Instagram and Snapchat. If you enable it when sending a photo or video, then the media content will disappear after the recepient has opened it. Thus, the sender can ensure the privacy of his/her private messages and not worry about the fact that personal pictures or messages can be sent over to third parties.

The View Once function will also work in group chats. In this case, the content sent in the chat can be viewed once by each chat reader.

The sender will be able to find out exactly who viewed the photo or video in the "Information" section.

However, in its current form, this function is far from being perfect - for example, the recepient can take a screenshot and save the content before it is deleted. While Snapchat has a system that warns the user about someone taking a screenshot of their chat entries, WhatsApp has no plans to introduce a similar mechanism.

In early July, it also became known that WhatsApp developers will launch a new feature that enable choosing the quality of videos someone sends. The user will be able to choose three options when uploading the video: "Auto" (recommended), "Best Quality" and "Save Data". So far, the feature is being prepared for Android users only.

Also, soon, users of this popular messenger will be able to use one account on several devices simultaneously.

For the function to work, the user's devices must be connected, but the master does not need to remain online all the time. In this mode, you can use five gadgets attached to one account. With this feature, WhatsApp will finally become available on Apple iPads.

In May this year, a rumor circulated on social networks about a "secret update" of WhatsApp, which threatens user privacy. As it turned out, the "dangerous" function that allows you to add people to groups without their knowledge was added to the messenger 2.5 years ago and is active by default. It can be disabled manually to avoid possible abuse by cyber fraudsters.

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