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Russian Economy Will Grow in 2022: More Jobs According to HeadHunter

22.01.2022   author: Mariko

HeadHunter: In the new year, 68% of Russian companies expect an increase in staff, 67% - an increase in salaries

The hh.ru research service conducted a survey of Russian employers to find out how they view their market position at the end of 2021, and what they expect from the coming 2022. A significant share of employers are looking forward to 2022: 40% see their prospects in the market as positive, and 43% as stable.

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In the course of the study, only 23% of the interviewed representatives of Russian companies admitted that 2021 was worse than 2020 for them. Notably, a year ago, 43% of employers provided a similar answer when comparing 2020 and 2019. Another 49% claim that 2021 was better for the company than 2020, and 17% see no significant difference.

- Every second company (51%) reported that the number of their employees increased in 2021: a year ago only 38% of respondents shared this opinion. 'Other 22% of respondents reported a reduction in the number of employees, and in 25% of cases the numbers remained unchanged', according to Alena Manokhina, head of the press service of hh.ru Yug. At the same time, 68% of companies expect a growth in the number of companies in 2022, and only 14% of respondents expect a decline. The recruiting budget in 2021 grew in 43% of companies, in 36% it remained unchanged, and decreased in 11%. A half of companies expect their recruitment budget to grow in 2022.

Over a half of companies (55%) announced an increase in employee salaries in 2021. Only 4% of companies reported a decrease, and 37% said it remained unchanged. An increase in employee salaries in 2022 is expected by 67% of companies, 27% do not expect any changes in this regard, and 1% of respondents predicted a reduction.

The survey was conducted from 6 to 20 December 2021 among 300 representatives of Russian companies.

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