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Prague in February

31 Mar 2022   author: Aysel

To us, February means frost. For Prague, it is the beginning of warming and rains, and sometimes, showers. The sun shows rarely, but the temperature can rise up to seven degrees above zero.

Prague Hotels
Prague Hotels

Prague February

It is usually warm and cloudy. The weather in Prague in February will not make you cold, although it will not give you too many sunny days - there will be no more than two or three of such. But the temperature during the day will stay above zero, although at night it may well drop to minus 3 degrees or sometimes (rarely) even lower.

However, sunny days in February Prague can sometimes go beyond usual limits. If your friends spent a February last year in Prague under an umbrella looking at cloudy skies, next year you may well enjoy the sun for a whole week and never open your umbrella. Clouds, however, may still be provided to you.

Sometimes a gusty wind with snow or rain can spoil the mood, but there is a remedy for such weather: a beer house. There you can warm up, and chat, and wait out the wind. And how is it to be in Prague and not visit a pub? After all, the beer, real, Czech, live one, is a weighty argument for visiting this country in general and its capital in particular.

Walking along the streets of Prague in February is a pleasure. There is practically no snow on them, drops of melted snow, if not from the sun, but from the top of roofs, fall loudly and the city itself wakes up and comes to 'full combat readiness' to welcome spring. And even if it gets noticeably colder at night, snowing or raining, the city is ready to finally wake up and welcome spring.

How to dress in February

The weather in Prague in February is such that you should not relax. You will need a down jacket, a warm hat with a scarf, and insulated trousers. And most importantly - comfortable and practical shoes. After all, you have to walk around the capital of the Czech Republic in order to properly appreciate its February charm.

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