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Pilates: Myths, Philosophy, Video Training

22.01.2022   author: Mariko

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Have you already found your sport for the period of self-isolation? Recently, Pilates has become widespread and popular. It is liked by everybody: from bloggers to celebrities. There are still many myths about this exercising system. Let's break them and study everything about Pilates from A to Z and ... let's go to practice! At the end of the article, you will find links to cool video tutorials for home-based Pilates.

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Myth No 1. Pilates is a sport

This is not a sport or a separate form of it, but an exercise program specially created by the doctor Josef Pilates. In the early 20th century, using his technique, he helped people recover from serious injuries, and now it helps many to understand their body and improve their health. Pilates is a whole philosophy with its own history, which has created methodical exercises for maintaining good physical shape.

What Results Can I Get From Pilates?

  • - improvement of joints;
  • - strengthening muscles;
  • - stress relief;
  • - relief from pain;
  • - dealing with stress;
  • - normalization of sleep;
  • - weight control;
  • - improving posture
  • and much more to it...

Myth No 2. Pilates is a type of yoga

For a person who is not familiar with Pilates and Yoga, it may really seem that this is something close, but in reality the opposite is true.

The differences:

  • * different breathing style;
  • * different exercises (only few are similar);
  • * different approach to movement;
Pilates is practiced not only on the mat, as yoga, but also on special equipment created by Pilates.

Recently, a trend called yogalates has gained popularity - this is a type of fitness training that combines elements of Yoga and Pilates.

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Myth No 3. Pilates is easy

If you do the exercises thoughtlessly, then it seems simple. But Pilates is all about concentration, control and proper breathing. Yes, the exercises themselves are not physically difficult, but the moral strength with which you keep each muscle under control and smoothly move from one position to another requires a lot of concentration, which is very difficult to achieve. In practice, the emphasis is put on inner muscles, so working with them is much harder than it seems at first glance.

Myth No 4. Pilates is boring

While practicing, you get to know your body, learn to concentrate and feel every cell of your organism. Your approach is important here: what thoughts you have when you start the exercises. Without a specific and clearly set goal and understanding of the Pilates philosophy, the exercises can really seem boring.

Myth No 5. Pilates is for weight loss

This judgment is only half true. People doing exercises under the Pilates method, do not seek to lose weight first of all. Although, undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons for many to go for it. Above all, you tighten your body, make it flexible, graceful with a straight posture and a correct gait. For pure weight loss, it would be more effective to do sports and/or physical exercises where you can burn twice as many calories per hour.

Myth No 6. Pilates is for girls

The fact that Pilates is popular among women does not mean that it is only suitable for them. Many athletes, including men, have discovered that these activities are good for healing sports injuries and strengthening muscles. By the way, these exercises are suitable for any age (from 12). And for younger children, a special type of children's Pilates with basic exercises was invented.

Myth No 7. It is only the abs workout

In Pilates, it is important to feel the center, which is in the abdomen. During the entire session, the abdominal muscles are very tense, therefore, the practitioners almost always have a taut belly. But practice examines all the muscles in the body, especially those that are deeper and which may not even be felt. The result of the training is not "just abs", but the whole body, toned, beautiful, slender, with a straight back, lowered calm shoulders and an extended neck.

Myth No 8. You can only do Pilates in the fitness room with a coach

Pilates is easy to do at home! The main thing is to approach the process responsibly and with an understanding of what it is for. Indeed, in Pilates, it is important to be concentrated without being distracted by the surroundings. You not only help your body, but also get rid of stress, give yourself a feeling of lightness and confidence. You can add various sports equipment to your workouts: a Pilates circle, support blocks, Pilates ball, and elastic fitness bands.

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