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How to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown

09.02.2022   author: marted08

Upcoming events such as weddings, exams, meetings with the boss etc. can cause a serious fear of the unknown in a person. There are, however, some effective and simple techniques that can help avoid this expectation of the unknown.

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Sober Assessment

First of all, you have to look at the situation from the outside, and soberly assess its outcome, not in your direction. After all, often the fear is exaggerated. Think about it, is it really worth canceling a wedding, for example, just because there are terrible divorce statistics?

An Experienced Player

It is known that everything familiar and known evokes a feeling of security and stability. This is what this method is based on. It is necessary to scroll through your head several times and think about the upcoming situation, which may cause a discomfort. Every time we evoke these feelings, we get used to the upcoming events and begin to feel more confident.

Good Memories

The title speaks for itself. Just need to remember the situations when you coped perfectly with all the difficulties, successfully resolved issues, or overcame uncertainty. Analyze every detail of your success, while recalling only the pleasant details.


Probably not everyone's life experience contains only successful situations in which problems were tackled. Now it is the time to analyze the mistakes and blunders that once led you to failure. Since that time, you have already changed. You have had experiences that you didn't have before, and you no longer have the desire to make mistakes.

A piece of useful advice. I was VERY nervous before my wedding. I wish I had this post at hand at that time.

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