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Detective agency to provide legal services?

01 Mar 2022   author: Mariko

Legal advice may include a fairly wide range of legal services. This concept includes consultations, preparation of documentation, representation of the plaintiff or defendant interests in a lawsuit.

In the modern world, every citizen sooner or later confronts some sort of legal issues. Some people prefer to to deal with the problems on their own, while others immediately resort to the assistance of legal specialists. However, in some cases the best option would be to hire a detective rather than contact a lawyer.

Private Detective Agent
Private Detective Agent

Obtaining legal services through a detective agency

A lawyer may not be able to cover all situations and deal with all types of issues. Resorting to a private detective, who is also able to provide legal assistance, may be a more effective solution in such cases.

Specialists of the detective agency will help solve most of the problems of legal nature. In particular:

1. Provide assistance in criminal proceedings. If the problem has passed into the field of the criminal legislation, it is better not to hesitate, but immediately enlist the support of a private detective who will not only be able to help protect interests, but will also do everything possible to find the truth.

2. They will assist in collecting information on business partners, especially in terms of their reliability.

Also, employees of the detective agency will provide assistance in civil disputes. Such cases may include:

  • - inheritance;
  • - land disputes: assistance in collecting land debts; clarification of ownership; distributed shares, etc.;
  • - family disputes: registration of guardianship; establishing paternity; division of joint property between spouses in divorce proceedings, etc.;
  • - labor disputes: illegal dismissal, reinstatement, etc.;
  • - issues related to pension legislation, disputes regarding housing.
Specialists of a detective agency are usually highly qualified and able to cope with any problem of a legal nature in short time.

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